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I have inspirational thoughts at various times and I have created this site to place them in.

You are never without, when the Lord God is within.

Being a Christian Doesn't mean ignoring Evil (wrong), it means confronting it!

When The Lord puts you in a situation, thank him and move forward.

I was inspired to sing Amazing Grace
one of the most beautiful Songs of Love that I have ever heard.

I know that John Newton was definitely inspired to write this song.

As I was learning these word of inspiration,
I was listening to Charles Stanley and
I was inspired by this song and Dr. Stanley's words to write this verse
and I am placing it here for you to read and be inspired yourself...


When God puts you in a situation,
he does it knowing you can handle it,
you don't..

 when you survive the situation you thank God
and he moves you to the next situation
because he knows his love has brought you through one situation
and will continue to bring you through others.


by James Tollett

A Babies first words are usually Mama and Papa (or Dada),
 it's a wonder the first word the baby says isn't "Mine!"
because all of us are born with a possessive spirit,
it's when we find Jesus Christ
and ask him to come into our hearts
that we begin the have a Giving/Sharing and also an Accepting spirit.
When God gave us Jesus and Jesus gave us Eternal Life
They were both teaching us to have a Giving/Sharing spirit.
Thank you Father God for your Gift of Jesus,
Thank you Lord and Brother Jesus Christ for your gift of Eternal Life!

When God gave us Jesus we Accepted him,
When Jesus gave us Eternal Life we Accepted his Gift,
When we are in dire need and a fellow Christian offers to help,
We should Accept the help and Praise God and his son Jesus Christ,
 because the Gift of help is STILL coming from God.

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