The Fulfillment

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I have a friend named Marge
who is a wonderful lady
and she calls me her
she lives in an assistant living facility
on Signal Mountain, TN called Alexian Village.
And she told me about a situation that she was having difficulty with.

She said that an acquaintance who she had known for years
and who she had brought back to Jesus Christ had tried to sue her.

The situation was this,
she was having problems driving her car
so her Brother and her Son and even I (the Consultant)
suggested that she sell her car and get herself a scooter
for traveling around the Village
(she was also having issues with her balance).
Someone at the Village was supposed to give her instructions on the use of her new scooter
but no one at the Village told her that.
So, being excited about her new scooter,
she started to drive it as soon as it arrived.

She went to the health care part of the Village
to show her husband her new scooter
(it's really a nursing home).
When she got there she saw this an acquaintance (who had terminal cancer)
and was going to say hi to her.
Her friend's daughter was there and
because she was unfamiliar with her new scooter,
she accidently bumped the daughter who in turn bumped her acquaintance.
 A nurse who was stand there evaluated the situation and said,
"No one was injured", because of this.
About 1 week later the acquaintance's husband came over to visit my friend,
she asked about her acquaintance and the husband said that she was fine
and that she was not injured or even bruised
About 2 weeks later my friend
received a letter from a law firm
stating that they were representing
her acquaintance and her daughter who was bumped.
(Yes they were suing my friend!)
 Well, my friend forgave acquaintance and her daughter
for the wrong that was being done to her (see I Corinthians 6:1-9)
but because her acquaintance would not speak to her she was unable to tell her so.
About a month later her friend passed away from the Cancer,
without my friend being able to speak her forgiveness.

I decided to call my friend on, December 10, 2010 and she said that she was of two minds about what to do, should she go to the services or should she stay home.

My friend said that she had been told by some of the people that she should stay away.
I said to her (being her consultant and all) that she should go to the services
to show her Christian and Forgiving heart.
That she gave all her hurt to Jesus and that as a Christian
the only response she had was to go say her farewells to her friend.