The Fulfillment

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Hello and Welcome!

My name is James Tollett
and this is my way of sharing my faith with you
and to share a Symbol of Faith that helped me realize who and what I believed in.

This site is dedicated to God our Creator Father and his Son Jesus Christ our saviour
 who is "
The  Fulfillment" of Gods promise.
And I know that the Holy Spirit has inspired me to develop this site.

If you find this symbol welcoming
and wish to use it to show your belief
then you are welcome to place this symbol on your website
all I ask is that you recognize where you found
"The Fulfillment" and maybe link to this site as well.

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and you live in Chattanooga, TN you can go to M.M. Schenck Jewelers
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On this page I am placing a very special reminder of Gods promise to ALL of us, and if you will be patient with me I will tell you the meaning of this very powerful symbol.

This is a symbol that I was inspired to create and it took years to develop and more years to get made.

I have been asked many times what this symbol means. Some ask me if it symbolizes Jews for Christ and while it COULD mean that there is a whole lot more meaning to it than that.  Anyone who knows Jesus Christ knows that he is not just the Savior and King of the Hebrew (Israelite) people. He is the Savior and King of EVERYONE who believes in and knows, him.

I first began developing this symbol after a very troubling time when I was 14 and going to a Baptist Tabernacle. The youth leader who was there made a statement about other religious beliefs and then later contradicted himself. What he said I can't remember nor do I even remember his name but the memory of the contradiction remains with me to this day. As I stated I was 14 and the Church was about 4 miles from my house and the statement hurt me so much I just walked out of the building and headed home. I didn't even stop to ask anyone to take me back to my house. And while walking I asked God and Jesus to guide me because I was SO troubled that I didn't even want to go to ANY church ever again.

I will say that I was not answered right away, but I know now that God is VERY patient and he gives his answers in HIS time and not in mine.

A few days later I was in the Attic of my house when I drew the first of what was later to be many incarnations of the symbol I later new that I needed to call The Fulfillment.

I went for a long time with a drawing that I kept in my wallet and when I felt the need to pursue getting the drawing off the page in my back pocket and into a symbol I was able to find someone to make a basic image but it was without the Circle which was very important even though I could not say why.

Two years later I found someone at a Science Fiction Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the US called Chattacon to make me a better version of the symbol and at the time I had not come up with a name for the symbol so I started calling it the Star Cross. But I still didn't feel that this was right. I slowly started realizing what this symbol that I was inspired to develop meant.

At another Science Fiction Convention, this time the World Con in Boston, my chain broke and I lost this version of "The Fulfillment".

I called my Girl Friend at that time, Jerry Hale and told her about the loss and she went to a friend who was a Jeweler and asked him if he could make a new one for me. By this time I was calling the Symbol "The Fulfillment" and after I saw the work he had done, I asked him to make a mold of the symbol that he could use to make more copies of "The Fulfillment".

Below is the meaning behind The Fulfillment.

The Circle represents God
The Creator of the Universe.
The Star of David represents
The House of David,
Whom God gave the
                 promise of the Messiah.
The Crucifix represents
The Fulfillment of His Promise.
Jesus Christís sacrifice
                 on our behalf...
   From God,
  Through the house of David,
  Came the Bearer of the Cross,
  The taker of Manís Sin,
  For God So loved the world...
© 1974-2010 James Arnold Tollett

The Fulfillment can be found on the web @
or @ their Store
M.M. Schenck Jeweler
9359 Hixson Pike
Chattanooga, TN 37415
(423) 877-4011

Ask for Barry Schenck and mention this page.


Now you know about The Fulfillment.

But that's not where it stops.

When I see The Fulfillment I see a constant and important Reminder that GOD our Father, ALWAYS keeps his promises, for him is was but an eye blink because he is an infinite being, but for us it took 4000 or more years for him to fulfill this promise to us, and we, being finite couldn't see it because our short lives on this earth. In fact Jesus fulfilled over 100 prophesies, from before his conception to his resurrection.

He IS Risen, BUT...

You will note that I have Jesus Christ on the Cross and this became a very important issue.
I was actually asked in April of 2004, by  Pastor Gary Shirley, a Baptist Minister, why, when we know that Jesus Christ has risen, did I have HIM on the Cross.

At the time I couldn't answer him and told him that, but I also stated that if he would give me some time I would have the answer for him.

About 6 months passed and I still didn't have the answer but then something happened that I know was from God. A mutual friend of ours passed away and Pastor Shirley was asked to preside over the services since this friend was one of his parishners.

 At the funeral while I was watching my friend be lowered into the ground, I heard, yes, I said heard the answer. Later I saw this minister and told him I what I had heard. The answer to why I had Jesus on the Cross is that for every one who is Saved THAT is where he needed to be. Christ rising from the Grave is the beginning of the Second part of the Prophecy that is in the Bible.

   I will be adding links onto this page to other very inspiring sites. I will also place links where I earn money on the web and I hope you will understand that what I earn will go towards keeping this page and the message of The Fulfillment alive.

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I am given a pressious gift...


I was presented with this gold version of The Fulfillment at my Wife Jerry's 35 High School Reunion in 2001,   and it was a complete and pleasant surprise to me.

For historical reference, the reunion occured 1 weekend after 9/11. My wife Jerry, who was the Reunion coordinator, decided to continue with the gathering because we knew that life must go on and this was true even with the tragedy of the Twin Towers in New York City.

 Jerry was not my wife at the time, I proposed to her on 9/14/2001 in front of her Classmates at the School that they all graduated from. God blessed me when he let me meet and know many of the Alumni of the Chattanooga "City" High School class of 1966. I am now an Honory Alumni of the class as well.

A Question and
An Answer


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